The Ghetto Gypsy has many faces. Not only can it transform into a mobile dance club, it can also be a plush, relaxing lounge with a soothing atmosphere. In addition to it's vibrant, changable interior, it can also provide the backdrop for larger outdoor events. Let us help you create an experience unlike any you've had before.

VIP  Lounge

Plush cushions, exotic tapestries, paintings that change color with the room, the VIP lounge is a luxurious experience you didn't know was possible inside of a school bus.


Ideal for parties of 20 or less


The VIP Lounge can be a mobile or stationary event.

DJ Dance Party

We bring the club to you! Complete with a live DJ, hardwood dance floor, dynamic lighting and powerful sound, get ready to move.

Ideal for parties of 24 or less


The DJ Dance Party can be a mobile or stationary event.

Outdoor Events

With a 40 foot graffiti covered school bus, 30 foot RGB LED light board, and a powerful sound system, we can rock an outdoor party inside and outdoors simultaneously. From large festivals to small private groups, we can give your event a colorful, unique sense of flair.



Festival Services

The bus can be used in conjunction with festivals as a stage or shuttle. The top level is a custom 35 x 8 ft

hardwood deck and can be used as a DJ booth / performer stage.

The Gypsy can also be used to transport people between large outdoor events and nearby towns. 


Contact for details.

Outdoor parties are stationary events.



Interested in hiring us for one of your special events?


         "This is the coolest bus I've ever seen."                                                                                                                                     

​                                                                                           "When you look back on your life you can say, "I did this." "

                       "There's so much to look at!"


     "This is the stuff of fantasies."                                 "How did you do this?"